Update 04/06/18: More purchases

I must admit that I have been feeling quite low for a few days. It was only a week or so ago when I was much perkier and actually managed to go out with Lovely Husband on several occasions. My health, however, seems to have deteriorated again and I have been unable to stay out of bed for more than an hour or so. I really hope that things start to improve very soon. This warm and muggy weather doesn’t help as it aggravates my asthma and breathing difficulties.

Anyway, I will try not to moan!

Pyjamas have been my clothing today, so I am not making a collage. Instead, I will show you two more pieces which I ordered last week as part of my attempt to find “bottoms” for warmer weather to replace those that don’t fit any more due to my weight gain. Isle Collection (link in the sidebar) is part of Edinburgh Woollen Mill and can often be found in garden centres. Most of their offer is pretty frumpy, but I have occasionally managed to pick out some nicer items. Therefore, I know that their clothing usually fits me OK. This time I had to order online, rather than being able to try on items in the shop. I found a linen mix skirt and trousers on the website and they arrived here yesterday:

Linen-mix skirt and trousers - Isle

Linen-mix skirt and trousers – Isle

The skirt is nice on – as I am quite short, the hem is just above my ankles and the A-line shape is reasonably flatttering. Let’s face it, a round tum is difficult to flatter! The trousers are cut a bit tight over the thighs, so I am not sure about them. I may keep them anyway as I am too lazy to sent them back. When I am feeling strong enough, I will try them on again and decide.

Oh, and by the way, Isle clothes look a lot better in their shops rather than on the website. Yes, I have told them that their photographer needs retraining! As does their web designer.

As you can see, I am buying all of these staple skirts and trousers in navy, which is my base colour/neutral. My only base colour as I am dropping brown. If I keep all of the four items, I will have a nice range of tops and bottoms – vests, t-shirts, cardigans, short-sleeved tops, skirts and trousers – all in navy. My accent colours – cobalt blue, turquoise, purple, coral pink and cream/white – will then look good with these. I think that I need to revisit my colourwheel and adjust it to recognise these changes.

I have a couple more purchases to show you later in the week – accessories this time. Just waiting for the last one to arrive!

Best wishes,


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