Outfit of the day 11/06/18

We are having such beautiful weather here in the English Midlands. I spent a couple of hours today sitting in the garden reading. As I am now unable to tend our garden, it has got rather out of hand and wild. We do have a lovely chap who comes to cut the grass and do some tidying up, but we could really do with even more of his time. The garden is long and narrow with really lush growth from a wealth of plants, some of which appear to date back to the early days of this property, which was built in the 1930s.

I sat on our decking, under the parasol, and listened to the birds and insects and enjoyed the perfume from the nearby roses. The gentle breeze through the trees and shrubs was just perfect. When next door’s children came home from school, they ran into their garden with their two dogs barking excitedly. I loved hearing their happy shouts, but had to come indoors as I couldn’t really concentrate on my book! If the weather is similar tomorrow, I will try to go outside earlier so that I can get a longer time in the relative peace.

Some of you may remember my comments when I bought this linen dress in the Pure Collection sale last year. I wasn’t too impressed with the fit and nearly returned it, but decided to hang onto it. So, I was glad to have it today as the loose fit and wafty (is that a real word?) fabric were really comfortable against my skin. The colour is nice and I decided to throw caution to the winds and wear these huge earrings! Lovely Husband, who is not known for his tact, immediately said “Bette Lynch”, but I brazened it out.

What do you all think? Am I too old to get away with these?

Today’s outfit:

  • Turquoise linen dress – Pure Collection.
  • Turquoise resin and gold tone earrings – Kenneth Jay Lane.
  • Aqua glass and gunmetal beads, silver and copper wire bracelet.
  • Navy leather sandals – Suave.
Outfit of the day 11/06/18

Outfit of the day 11/06/18

Lovely Husband and I have been discussing lots of family issues over the weekend, trying to make a sensible plan of action to tackle our list of problems. Both of us are feeling more calm and focused, although I cannot say we are optimistic as yet. He has more serious medical procedures ahead, which are worrying both of us, but we are trying to tackle each issue as it comes. I do now feel a little better than I did last week. Let’s see how it goes…

Best wishes,


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