Reading roundup 13/06/18

I have to admit that I have only managed one book again this week, although I have almost finished a second, but not quite. So, I will have to write about that one next week instead. I have been rather down and ill and, when that happens, I find it hard to read and tend to resort to watching TV.

The Court of the Broken Knives by Anna Smith Spark

The Court of the Broken Knives by Anna Smith Spark

This week’s book was a good one, though. I had read everything previously borrowed from the Library and didn’t want to read my new book choices before tackling some I had building up in my ebook account. The Court of Broken Knives by Anna Smith Spark was the first in line. Here is the blurb:

They’ve finally looked at the graveyard of our Empire with open eyes. They’re fools and madmen and like the art of war. And their children go hungry while we piss gold and jewels into the dust.

In the richest empire the world has ever known, the city of Sorlost has always stood, eternal and unconquered. But in a city of dreams governed by an imposturous Emperor, decadence has become the true ruler, and has blinded its inhabitants to their vulnerability. The empire is on the verge of invasion – and only one man can see it.

Haunted by dreams of the empire’s demise, Orhan Emmereth has decided to act. On his orders, a company of soldiers cross the desert to reach the city. Once they enter the Palace, they have one mission: kill the Emperor, then all those who remain. Only from ashes can a new empire be built.

The company is a group of good, ordinary soldiers, for whom this is a mission like any other. But the strange boy Marith who walks among them is no ordinary soldier. Marching on Sorlost, Marith thinks he is running away from the past which haunts him. But in the Golden City, his destiny awaits him – beautiful, bloody, and more terrible than anyone could have foreseen.

This book is definitely not for gentle readers as it is pretty violent, to say the least! I awarded it fours stars and here is my review on Goodreads:

I am not sure what to say about this book. I did enjoy it and I really want to read the sequel. It was well written and the plot and characters were interesting. From reading some of the reviews here on Goodreads, I have discovered that fantasy like this is called “grimdark” and that term really does suit this story. The plot has conspiracies, betrayals, shocking twists and totally grim and dark moments galore. Sometimes too grim and dark even for me. Perhaps it is a marmite kind of book, but then I like marmite! I am interested to find out how the characters develop in subsequent books, so will keep an eye out for them as ebooks.

The book is part one of the Empires of Dust series, so I am sure that I will soon be reading The Tower of Living and Dying, which is #02.

Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughan

Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughan

I have almost finished Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughan and will give you my verdict next time.

Until then: Happy Reading to you all!

Best wishes,


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