Update 07/08/18

Another parcel arrived this morning, but I am not going to reveal the contents on the blog yet! My lovely readers will just have to wait a while 😉. Here is a small teaser…

I think this is the last of the really hot days for now and I will be very pleased if I can dress up a bit more if the weather cools down. I really like writing the Outfit of the Day posts, and making collages, as this makes me try out different combinations of clothes and accessories – shopping my wardrobe is the phrase I have read somewhere.

The last few days brought me down a bit as I was ill and unable to take any exercise. Things improved today as I had to get up early to have a blood test at the local hospital. When we got home, I decided to go for a walk around the block straight away. I felt a bit creaky, but managed fine and was not too wheezy when I got home.

This afternoon, I sat in the garden reading. The temperature felt just right under the parasol and it was so pleasant – apart from the odd wasp flying around!

Tomorrow I will be catching up with my reading on a Reading Roundup post.

Best wishes,


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Retired School Librarian
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