Wardrobe planning #29: Handbags and accessories #01

One of the beauties of having a colour scheme for your wardrobe is that you begin to develop a range of clothes and accessories that go nicely together. After nearly two years of working towards more organisation in my purchases it is becoming easier to simply grab items from my cupboards and drawers and come up with an outfit that works for me. Being able to immediately see how shades of colour fit into a plan prevents me from making wild impulsive purchases and then realising that the resulting items simply don’t work.

Or, that is the general idea!

Anyway, I have decided to write a few posts with my Massaccesi Handbags as the main focus, showing how they have toning clothing and accessories. I am going to start with my latest purchase: my Midi Muse in bluette pompei leather. Wow, this blue is so bright!

Here you can see it with a range of scarves. Some work better than others, but I would wear most of these combinations at some stage of the year. (Apologies that some of the scarves don’t work well with my navy and cream patterned duvet as a background!)

First of all with some of my Hermès scarves…

Midi Muse by Massaccesi with Hermès scarves

Midi Muse by Massaccesi with Hermès scarves

Top row L to R: Les Secrets de Minos, La Jardin de la Maharani, Zebra Pegasus gavroche.
Bottom row L to R: Bibliothéque gavroche, Daimyo Princes du Soleil Levant, De la Mer au Ciel.

Next with other scarves and bangles in my collection…

Midi Muse by Massaccesi with scarves and bangles

Midi Muse by Massaccesi with scarves and bangles

Top row L to R: Owl in the City by Aspinal, blue enamel and gold bangles by Halcyon Days, A Feminist at Heart by Karine Assaf.
Bottom row L to R: blue Hera by Liberty, belts and leopard print by Cornelia James, Hera cashmere/silk by Liberty.

And with some earrings and bracelets…

Midi Muse by Massaccesi with earrings and bracelets

Midi Muse by Massaccesi with earrings and bracelets

I won’t show the clothing, as I have too many items in white, navy and other blue shades to make a collage, but this bag will look great with so many of my pieces. With a simple white t-shirt and jeans or navy linen trousers; with my navy cotton jumper and cords; with either my navy or blue merino dresses; or with a bright blue top and a navy jersey skirt…

So many ideas!

Anyway, I will write a similar post for my amethyst pebbled leather Victoria very soon. Some of the accessories shown above go with that handbag as well 😀.

Best wishes,


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