Update 26/11/18 with some recent purchases

I am in bed again today, so I won’t do an Outfit of the Day with my old pyjamas! There are, however, some purchases from last week to show you. On Tuesday, I popped into Sainsbury’s after my hair appointment and had a quick wander around. They were having a 25% off clothing sale and I picked up a few items: a pretty jumper, some grey leggings and a pair of earrings. At the moment, I seem to be having some issues with getting this iPad to save images and so I haven’t managed to get pictures of the leggings or the earrings. It is too gloomy today to take photos, so I will try to upload some later in the week. I have got images of the jumper and my modelling shot.

Jumper in grey, ivory and blue - Sainsbury’s Tu

Jumper in grey, ivory and blue – Sainsbury’s Tu

This jumper is lovely and snuggly. The yarn is very soft in pretty shades of ivory, grey and a cool blue. I am trying out greys in preparation for purchasing some clothing basics in grey as another neutral alongside navy and I think that this jumper looks quite nice with my hair and general colouring.

Mylee Waterproof Insulated Jacket - Regatta

Mylee Waterproof Insulated Jacket – Regatta

In addition, I was able to finally buy myself a new coat in navy when we went to the garden centre. My old waterproof warm winter coat had finally given up the ghost this year and so I really needed a replacement. Even if I don’t go outside very often, I do still need something suitable for cold and wet weather when I do leave the house. My requirements were waterproof and wind proof, warm, navy, thigh length and not very expensive. I was able to find this one from Regatta and if you are also searching for something similar, you will see that they have loads available at reduced prices (at the time of writing) on their website.

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