Outfit of the day 27/11/18

Oh, it has been such a nasty wet day! I am feeling quite pleased, though, as I have completed quite a few useful tasks for once. We are madly trying to get all of our household/family paperwork in order and, as I am the go-to computer person in this house, it is my job to do all of the creating, formatting, updating and editing of our documents and files. I have realised that I also need to make some time to backup everything to the cloud as soon as possible.

I decided to dig out and old, but favourite, cowl neck cashmere jumper today. It is a lovely heathered aqua colour that never photographs accurately. Yet again, my iPad camera turns the colour to blue. So annoying!

Outfit of the day 27/11/18 with pearls

Outfit of the day 27/11/18 with pearls

Today’s outfit:

  • Aqua cashmere cowl neck jumper – Marks and Spencer.
  • Navy cotton stretch cord trousers – Land’s end.
  • Pearl stud earrings – John Lewis.
  • Long string of pearls – John Lewis.
  • Cream and eau-de-nil enamel and gold Agama bangle – Halcyon Days. My jumper almost matches the colour in this bangle!

I have a few other items to show you. First of all the other two items that I bought from Sainsbury’s last week: grey leggings with zips. These are in a versatile charcoal colour…

Grey leggings with zips - Sainsbury's Tu

Grey leggings with zips – Sainsbury’s Tu

Then these cute owl earrings. I really love owls!

Owl earrings - Sainsbury’s Tu

Owl earrings – Sainsbury’s Tu

Now my birthday present from my sister: this glamorous sparkly scarf in cool blue and silver:

Sparkly blue scarf

Sparkly blue scarf

Yes, I really do love clothes and accessories and colour!

Best wishes,


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