Outfit of the day 01/04/19

I am sitting in bed to write this post, feeling really tired but also very happy because I have had such a lovely afternoon. Elder Son had everything planned out. He researched the café, booked the table and checked the bus timetable, then took me into town for a cream tea. We had such a great time together as we sat, stuffed our faces, and talked, followed by a quick wander around the shops. He can be such a charming young man!

The weekend was also great as he and Lovely Husband made a real effort to make things nice for Mothers’ Day. Younger Son sent gifts and messages too. They all make me feel so loved 💗💖💕💝💕💖💗.

Outfit of the day 01/04/19 with Hermès’ Bibliothéque gavroche

Outfit of the day 01/04/19 with Hermès’ Bibliothéque gavroche

Today’s outfit:

  • Silver grey cashmere v-neck jumper – Marks and Spencer.
  • Light charcoal stretch cotton cord trousers – Lands’ End.
  • Crystal and silver stud earrings – John Lewis. Gift from Elder Son.
  • Crystal and silver bracelet. Gift from Younger Son. No image available – I must rectify this!
  • Crystal and silver pin brooch. This belonged to my Mother and I put it on after the photo.
  • Crystal and silver ring – Swarovski. No image of this either – I need to sort this out as soon as possible.
  • Silk scarf, gavroche size, in bright pink, cobalt, green, yellow and grey – Bibliothéque – Hermès. Tied in a simple cowboy knot.

I was fortunate to receive these lovely gifts from my lads: books from Younger Son; earrings and orchid from Elder Son. Sorry that the photo is not one of my better attempts!

Mothers’ Day gifts 2019

Mothers’ Day gifts 2019

Now, I am going to read the book that I picked up from the Library this afternoon as there is a long queue for it: Lee Child’s latest Jack Reacher – Past Tense.I was about 88th in the list when I requested it back in the Autumn!

Best wishes,


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