Update 29/04/19 and I am not a hippy!

Well, not these days anyway! I was a young child in the 1960’s and can remember hippies and their clothes. I suppose the modern version is known as bo-ho? Perhaps I used to dress a bit like that many years ago, but it is not my style these days.

But my targeted ads seem to think that they know me better than I know myself! I get some from Marks and Spencer and John Lewis, as you might expect, after all I do show clothing from both sites on this blog. But recently I have been getting the most peculiar adverts on Facebook, in particular. So, yes, my Facebook friends have already seen this photo…

Sorry for shouting…


Really not…

Best wishes,


PS. I am not linking to the source website because they should be really embarrassed to design something as awful as this!

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Retired School Librarian
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