Outfit of the day 26/04/19

I am so sorry that my posts are becoming shorter at the moment. My health issues are overwhelming and I don’t seem to be able to focus on writing. Anyway, today has been the usual: in bed, reading, an hour or so downstairs at lunchtime, back to bed, more reading, the occasional chat with LH or ES between the coughing.

The weather has changed quite drastically from warm and sunny over the Easter weekend to sunshine and very heavy showers. It is also much colder. So, I pulled out one of my favourite cotton cable jumpers from Lands’ End – this one in aqua. It matches the border of the lovely Ferragamo scarf that I wore a couple of days ago. The one with “peacocks” in a tropical garden in shades of coral, cream, green and purple. It was still hanging up in my bedroom, so I tied it very casually using a slip knot. Navy joggers from Cotton Traders completed this very comfortable outfit.

Outfit of the day 26/04/19 with Ferragamo’s Peacocks in Tropical Garden scarf

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes,


PS. Have a look at last Friday’s post to see the difference it makes to a scarf when it is worn with a totally different colour!

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