Update 20/06/19

Once again, I have been too ill to get out of bed so I have spent the day in pyjamas. I do have plenty of things to keep me busy, though. This afternoon I have researched and bought a new microwave as our old one (when I say “old” I mean that it is just over a year since we bought it – bad buy) has gone rusty inside. I think that we probably didn’t spend enough money on it and, for that reason, we have gone back to a make that has served us well in the past: Panasonic. Let’s hope that this microwave serves us well in the future!

I have also spent part of the day reading random feminist stuff on blogs, Facebook groups and Twitter. I don’t write about this on the blog because it would probably make me too ranty!

Another activity to keep me from settling into gloom has been reading my new book – which I will tell you about in next week’s Reading Roundup post, I hope. It is another huge brick-like fantasy paperback, so it will keep me very absorbed for a few days.

When I need a change, I will turn to watching TV on my iPad. At the moment, I am working my way through the latest series of Bosch and also Killing Eve, amongst other programmes.

In between all of this, I am also making time (after all, I am soooo very busy!) to chat to Lovely Husband, mainly about the current dire political situation and even about cricket!

I hope that I feel strong enough tomorrow to go to my counselling appointment. Let’s see.

Best wishes,


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