Update 01/07/19

It was absolutely boiling hot here on Saturday. Yes, I know that many visitors to the blog come from much warmer climates than ours in England. I also know that the English are known the world over for our peculiar obsession with the weather! We simply aren’t used to extremes of hot and cold, so we tend to complain quite a lot when we get those, rare, extremes. Our weather is so changeable and that is why we talk about it so much.

With all of my numerous health issues, I really struggle on hot, humid days. I ended up lying on the bed, gasping for breath. Happily, it was cooler yesterday and much more bearable today. So, I have managed a few useful tasks today before coming back to bed to read and write this post.

I have been closely following The Purse Forum thread about the Hermès scarf offerings for the Autumn/Winter 2019 season. So far, I haven’t seen much that I really love. In some ways, that is quite a relief. For one reason, it will save some money that I can put towards something else. Also, I am actually running out of space for scarves and I don’t want to either make room by getting rid of some, or move house!

There is one that I might purchase if it appears on the Hermès UK website…

Jungle Love Rainbow – Hermès

Jungle Love Rainbow – so very pretty!

I will have to keep an eye open for it.

Best wishes,


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