Outfit of the day 02/07/19

I didn’t wear this outfit for very long today, before returning to bed, but I thought that I would write about it anyway because it is so pretty. Yes, purple again, with bright pink and navy! This little gavroche, Baobab Cat, is very cute in these amazing colours. To make the scarf look like more of a necklace, I used the “device” that I made months ago to add more length. Owners of Hermès’ Mors scarf rings would, of course, use those instead!

Outfit of the day 02/07/19 with Hermès’ Baobab Cat gavroche

Today’s outfit:

  • Royal purple, cotton, sleeveless vest – Lands’ End.
  • Blackberry, cotton mix, crew neck cardigan – Lands’ End.
  • Navy linen trousers – Isle Collection.
  • Pink, purple and gold tone fuchsia earrings.
  • Purple leather and gold Gancia wrap bracelet – Ferragamo.
  • Silk scarf, 45cm, in bright pink, grey, purple, white and black – Baobab Cat. Tied in a necklace knot using the device.

Here is a reminder of the device that I made using Hermès bolduc ribbon and four brass D-rings – more details in this post:

Finished article – my “contraption”!

And this is the lovely Hermès’ Mors scarf ring which is available in both a gold tone and silver tone finishes, I believe:

Hermès Mors scarf ring

Hermès Mors scarf ring

Reading Roundup post tomorrow.

Best wishes,


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5 Responses to Outfit of the day 02/07/19

  1. Kim says:

    Beautifully put together Anne. Re amazing scarf rings, I do have the Hermes Mor plus a few others but wish I had known about the different ones at Etsy before I plunked down mucho cash( hard earned I will add!). Please take a look at Etsy( http://www.etsy.com) and type in scar ring- I think you might be very pleasantly inspired to purchase a few that you will see there and at amazing prices


    • The Librain says:

      Thanks, Kim. I do have quite a few scarf rings from MaiTai, but I will look on Etsy next time I want another one. Thank you for the tip!


      • Kim says:

        Yes you enabled me Anne and I am sticking to that story! I too have some of Maitai’s ( aka Mrs D) items but it is from her jewlery collections


  2. Kim says:

    Oh and I forgot mention that thanks to your post on Hermes “ Shadow of the Peonies” I added up purchasing it in the stunning cw you have even though I vowed no more as I had just broke down and bought the Weapons of Mars shawl – damn the slippery orange slope!


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