Update 16/07/19

I am sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. We had quite a few things happening here and I became far too tired to write anything. Today has been pretty busy too and I am now in bed with a bad back!

Elder Son has been at home for a few days as he has been ill. Yesterday, he was starting to recover and that meant that he was driving Lovely Husband and me around the bend! For a number of reasons, I hope he is well enough to return to work tomorrow – peace and quiet being one of them 😀.

We began to notice, early yesterday afternoon, that our water pressure was very low with only a trickle coming out of the kitchen cold tap and nothing at all upstairs. LH and I went around our neighbours to see if they all had the same issue, which they did, and I then went online to find out more information. In the end it took until late evening for the water company to sort it all out. By then, I had filled every container I could find, holding them under a very slow trickling tap. Elder Son was flapping with anxiety and, for once, I was able to take charge!

This morning, the water was back with full force. I feel so lucky to live in a country with water piped into our homes and I think that it takes a disruption to the service to really make some of us appreciate our good fortune.

Today, I had to help Lovely Husband with a health issue, which I am not going to describe on here for obvious reasons. Let me just say that I now feel very tired, but pleased that I have been able to do something for him. He works so hard to support me with all of my problems and I don’t often get the opportunity to reciprocate.

Right, I now have a new book beside me and I am going to pick it up as soon as I have finished this post. I will try to write the weekly Reading Roundup post tomorrow.

Best wishes,


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Retired School Librarian
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