Update 20/08/19 with a lovely purchase

I really love Massaccesi handbags. Yes, visitors to this blog will be well aware of that fact! With Brexit on the horizon, I decided that I wouldn’t be able to afford another bag. Also, Marco, the owner, had announced closure. Then he tried a kickstarter and I pledged for a gorgeous new design, not expecting but hoping that Marco would be successful.

Well, Brexit was postponed until the end of October, and Marco decided to keep going. I also had to work out if I would continue with my pledge…

I did continue. Having changed one of my neutral/base colours from brown to grey, I really wanted a handbag to fill that gap. This was the result when I opened the parcel last Thursday:

Diane handbag by Marco Massaccesi

This is Marco’s new design: Diane in light silver and titanium metallic pebbled leather. The shape is so lovely with all of the curves – can you see the clever M? The lining is silver and the fittings are in dark gunmetal. As usual, the quality is sublime. Everything, from the wonderful leather to the smoothly moving zips, from the precise stitching to the lining fabric and leather edged slip pockets, is really first class. The collage below shows some details:

Diane handbag by Marco Massaccesi

The front of the bag is in the two colours. The back, sides and base are in titanium; the handles and cross body strap are in the light silver. The metallic finish gives a lovely subtle sheen and is not too flashy or cheap looking. The size is a little smaller than my Victoria and midi-zip Selene, but still works well for me. When I carried the Diane last Friday, my handbag liner, full with all my usual paraphernalia, fitted neatly. My water bottle just stood slightly proud of the zip. No problem for me.

The next collage shows the pretty Diane with some of my Hermès’ gavroches:

Diane handbag by Marco Massaccesi

From the top: Bibliothèque, Savana Dance and Baobab Cat. These all have touches of grey.

Outfit of the day 16/08/19 with Hermès’ A L’Ombre des Pivoines scarf

Last Friday, I wore the handbag with my Hermès A L’Ombre des Pivoines scarf (see the collage above), which toned beautifully (Lovely Husband even noticed!), and some of my other scarves will also work well. I am thinking of my Leonard feather design mousseline and my Hermès’ La Jardin de la Maharani and also Cosmographia Universalis 90cm scarves. I also have several clothing items in shades of grey but could do with jeans in charcoal and, perhaps, a jacket.

Well, I think that will do for now! My small but lovely Massaccesi collection will probably see me out, if I look after it well.

Best wishes,


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