Update 19/08/19

On Friday, whilst eating our pub lunch, Lovely Husband and I had an idea that might help me to commit to an exercise plan. Visitors to this blog will know that I have tried over and over again to raise my fitness levels, but have failed to progress, for many reasons. My fear of the horrible coughing attacks often prevents me from exercising and asthma, along with some of my other health issues, means that I am very sensitive to certain weather conditions.

Anyway, the idea was that I need an incentive beyond the normal benefits of exercise (e.g. losing weight, feeling fitter). The best, most amazing reward that I could think of would be a trip to see Younger Son in the Spring. I miss him so much and would love to see where he is living. At the moment, I am simply not well enough to travel that far and cope with being away from home. But, if I were fitter, I might be able to manage the journey and the hotel stay. Another wonderful outcome would be that I would get to see the sea again as YS lives near the coast – I haven’t seen the sea for seven years!

A second, also very important, incentive is that I would like to be able to go on a short trip with Elder Son. There are so many things that he wants to show me. In the past, we spent a lot of time together, travelling to local towns. I haven’t been able to do that for many years, which is sad, and ES is desperate for me to join him.

It seemed like a good idea on Friday, so I have tried to put the plan into action since then. On Saturday and Sunday I managed to walk around the area, building up a little bit each day. Today, I walked around the block in ten minutes, so I am hoping that I can do the same tomorrow.

Maybe, this time I will manage to do some exercise each day for a longer period and not give up.

Best wishes,


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