Update 26/08/19

I hope that you have had a lovely weekend and that those of you who, like me, have a Bank Holiday today are enjoying it. The extreme hot weather in my part of the world is causing me a lot of problems. I would really love to be at a beach, or even relaxing with a book in our back garden. Unfortunately, my lungs cannot cope in really hot weather and I have had to stay in my bedroom most of the time, with just a few forays downstairs.

I am trying so hard not to be jealous of the wonderful day trips and holidays that I can see on Facebook and Instagram. Of course, I don’t begrudge anyone having a great Summer, but it does hurt that I cannot do the same. I am really trying not to be a miserable grump!

Anyway, now for some more pleasant news. Last week, after I wrote the blog post about my new Massaccesi Diane handbag, I sent the link to Marco himself as he is trying to create a blog with his customers’ reviews. After I contacted him, I received a lovely reply. Then I began thinking that, perhaps, a copy of my original post, with all my personal stuff, would not be particularly appropriate for the Massaccesi blog. So I decided to edit and, hopefully, improve the post to fit with what Marco is trying to achieve.

The re-write was finished and I sent that, together with copies of my photos of the bag, to Marco by email and he then uploaded the blog post plus images. You can see it here.

My post on the Massaccesi blog

At the time of writing this post, there are three posts on Marco’s blog, each one reviewing a different handbag style. I may write some more for him about my Victoria, midi-Muse and midi-zip Selene, together with the other items I have bought: a key ring, a small pouch and a bracelet. It would be better if other customers wrote, but I have the time to do it!

Now, I had better get up and fetch some more water to drink before I melt away completely!

Best wishes,


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