Update 29/08/19 about my exercise debacle

A week or so ago, I wrote about how I was going to try to take more exercise again, with the incentive of doing more things with my family and visiting Younger Son. I managed to walk each day for five days, starting with a short distance to the end of our street and ending with going right around the block. I was very happy with this small achievement.

Unfortunately, Wednesday 21st August was the last day that I managed to walk. On the Thursday we had one of the hottest days ever in the UK, which knocked me right out. I could hardly breathe at all and definitely couldn’t exercise. When I woke up on the Friday morning I was in real pain. My feet, ankles, hips and leg muscles felt awful and I could hardly get out of bed! I had tried so hard to be careful and not overdo my walks, but I was mainly thinking about my cough and breathing issues as I haven’t had any problems with my legs in years.

Anyway, it has taken me more than a week to even see much of a recovery. I am hoping to be able to get to my counselling appointment tomorrow, but the room is up two steep flights of stairs plus a walk from the car park.

As you can imagine, this has tipped me back into depression. I can’t stop thinking about my stupidity in even trying to exercise. Perhaps I need to forget it and just accept my extreme limitations.

I will stop writing now as I feel too gloomy and don’t want to depress you all! I will try to go out tomorrow and will put together a nice outfit, if I can, then I will be able to write a proper a Outfit of the Day post again.

Best wishes,


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