Update 25/10/19 about my stroke situation

I don’t have an Outfit of the Day to show you as I am currently sitting up in bed, wearing pyjamas and a large woolly wrap! Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph yesterday’s clothes. I woke up late and then had to rush to get ready for the hospital visit, so there wasn’t enough time to pose! There are three large hospitals in Leicester, and we had to drive to the farthest one for the appointment. It was also pouring with rain, so I am glad that I wore a les expensive scarf (still one of my favourites), rather than one of my Hermès’.

Anyway, here is the scarf…

Feminist at Heart by Karine Assaf

A Feminist at Heart by Karine Assaf

So, what did we find out from the consultant? It was all a bit complicated by the fact that my usual treatment is done by doctors/hospitals in Leicestershire, but I was taken over the county border when I had the stroke back in September. The consultant hadn’t received a copy of my MRI scan, so had to rely on notes and Lovely Husband’s and my testimony. It seems that I have made very good progress and that I may still have further improvements to my vision. All of my other physical symptoms have now returned to my “normal”. I also still have issues with short-term memory, but that may also improve. The general advice seems to be that I have to try to do the things that have been damaged – i.e. to read books, even though this is difficult, and to use my brain as much as I can etc.

Basically the mantra is “use it or lose it”, particularly over the next few months. That is the crucial time period. I also need to keep an eye on my cholesterol level and try to get it lower. My blood pressure has always been on the low side and this is not, apparently, an issue. I am not allowed to drive either, until my eyesight improves, but I am not driving anyway because of the chronic cough. I will have to be tested by a doctor before I can resume driving. This leaves LH as the sole driver in the house as Younger Son lives in Wales (with my his car!) and Elder Son is very unlikely to learn.

Well, that all seemed to be fairly positive. I am more hopeful that I will be able to read books again. How soon that may be is not clear, but I feel more confident that the ability will come back. I am, however, still terrified of a recurrence – no-one is able to tell me, I fully understand why, but it is very frightening. We have to hope that the medication, which I will have to take for the rest of my life, does the trick!

OK, I had better stop there. I will try to post again on Tuesday, if it is possible. In the meantime, I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.

Love and best wishes,



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