Outfit of the day 29/10/19

I am really trying to get up every day, even if it’s just for a few hours. Lovely Husband and I watch TV and have lunch together and sometimes he comes to bed in the afternoon, to ease his back pain, and we chat and laugh and tell each other silly jokes. Today, we have struggled a bit. Both of us have had grey moods and it has been difficult to keep our spirits up. Perhaps we will manage better tomorrow.

Today I did put on some proper clothes, instead of lying around in my pyjamas…

Outfit of the day 29/10/19 with Liberty’s Ianthe shawl

Today’s outfit:

  • Navy, cashmere v-neck jumper – John Lewis.
  • Indigo stretch jeans – Klass.
  • Cobalt blue, copper and silver resin earrings.
  • Grey suede moccasin slippers – Lands’ End.
  • Blue, navy, black and white enamel and rose gold Ianthe bangle – Liberty of London.
  • Navy, turquoise, red and beige, varuna wool shawl in Ianthe – Liberty of London. Tied very casually. This is such a lovely warm shawl.

Oh, I do have some good news to tell you: this week I have managed to read part of an ebook! This was totally impossible only a few days ago, but I adjusted the font type and  size and read for several hours on two afternoons. It really helped that the book is part of one of my favourite series! Anyway, when I have finished I will write a proper Reading Roundup post again.

Of course the next step will be to read a paper book where only my glasses can enlarge the text, but at least this goal is getting closer. At last I feel optimistic that I will be able to finish that fabulous book I was reading before the stroke… and eventually read the rest of the series when the author finishes writing it!

I think that thinking about and writing this post has cheered really me up 😀.

Love and best wishes,



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