Update 02/03/20

Oh, it’s a special day for Lovely Husband and me: it’s 33 years since I plucked up the courage to ring him up and ask him out on our first date!! What if he hadn’t picked up the phone? What if he had refused to go out with me?

I’m so glad that he agreed. We had a lovely evening at a couple of pubs and haven’t stopped talking to each other since!

I don’t have a lot to write about today, so I though that I would show you this amazing website. As you may know, my degrees are in Ancient History and Archaeology (as well as Librarianship) and the wonderful art and architecture of the ancient world still fascinates me. When I was studying the subject, all those years ago, I heard or read about the idea that Ancient Greek statues were originally painted in bright, vibrant colours. This incredible website shows you more about this with beautiful animated illustrations in rich colour. One of my favourite statues is there, the Peplos Kore – do you like her gorgeous clothes?

I have spent quite a lot of time reading and looking at this linked site and will, I am sure, return regularly…

Gods in Colour: Polychromy in Antiquity

Gods in Colour – screenshot

Just to give you an idea of the site: here is the statue of an archer from the pediment of an Ancient Greek temple of the 5th century BC:

Archer from the west pediment of the Temple of Aphaia, ca. 480 BC

And this is what it might have looked like in its original colours!

Archer from the west pediment of the Temple of Aphaia, ca. 480 BC


Love and best wishes,



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