Update 16/03/20

Well, we really are in interesting times, aren’t we? I must admit that I would prefer boring, but interesting is what we have.

I don’t have a great deal to write about today. I suppose I could more than fill a post by rambling through my thoughts about Coronavirus, but that would be simply depressing and I try to keep my blog on the more frivolous side. Yes, I know that I do sometimes splurge my worries all over a post, but I really am trying to keep my fears under control.

A few days ago, we made the decision that I should now isolate myself at home. We have taken some advice (as I write, LH just had a quick phone call with the Dentist and they have also agreed) and have come to the conclusion that it would be too risky for me to go out of the house. I have such a long list of conditions, including more than one lung disease, that it would a be very foolish thing to do. LH and LS will come and go as usual, with sensible precautions, and I will remain in the house or garden. We are also being extra careful with our personal hygiene and interactions, such as hugging and kissing.

And I believe that this is about all that we can do until there is more advice available!

So, I am sending love and good wishes to all my family, friends and visitors and I hope that you and yours remain healthy and safe,



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