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Update 16/04/21: second dose tomorrow!

I just cannot write today’s planned post. After a misunderstanding, caused by my memory issues, Lovely Husband came to the rescue and, to get to the point, we both have our second vaccinations tomorrow! Whoop! I am feeling very giddy … Continue reading

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Final post for 2020!

So, this is the last post for this unforgettable year! I have been so pleased to see the huge increase in traffic to the blog this year, especially when I have curtailed the number of posts to three per week. … Continue reading

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Update 06/11/20

Apologies for the lateness of this post! To be honest, I am struggling with my memory issues even more than usual these days and I totally forgot that it is Friday. We are in lockdown in England, yet again, which … Continue reading

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Update 25/05/20

Our days seem to have settled into a rhythm now, depending on whether Elder Son is working or not. They are all so repetitive that there is very little to write about on this blog, sadly. I am too weak … Continue reading

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Update 24/04/20

Hello to you all. I hope you and your loved ones are coping with this awful situation. We are trying our best. Lovely Husband is managing the household as he always does: cooking, organising everything, and doing the food shopping … Continue reading

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Update 16/03/20

Well, we really are in interesting times, aren’t we? I must admit that I would prefer boring, but interesting is what we have. I don’t have a great deal to write about today. I suppose I could more than fill … Continue reading

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