Update 23/03/20

The world feels very strange and upside down at the moment. As regular visitors to this blog will know, I haven’t been able to leave the house for some months, apart from a rare trip out with Lovely Husband. I had sort of got used to this way of life – it was quite, sometimes very, distressing, but I could cope with it thanks to ebooks, my iPad, friends, family and dozens of cups of tea. But, now that I cannot leave our house and garden at all, I feel claustrophobic and trapped!

Right, no more on that subject! Instead, why not have a soothing visit to some of the most gorgeous libraries and bookshops in the world…

The Caribou: Beautiful libraries and bookstores that all bibliophiles should visit

Real Gabinete Portuguese Library, Rio de Janeiro

Isn’t this absolutely gorgeous!

So, I will try to concentrate my thoughts on beauty for a while…

…and books!

Love and best wishes,



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Retired School Librarian
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