Update 07/09/20

I am going to spend some time this afternoon answering comments and updating a couple of older posts. First of all, I must apologise once again for being so tardy with replying to your kind remarks. I was always a dreadful procrastinator at the best of times, but now, with my memory issues, I am even worse!

Today’s outfit consists of pyjamas and a cardigan – so not at all suitable for displaying on here! I will try to dress in nicer outfits on my “good” days. After all, these lovely accessories which I am so fortunate to be able to afford, should be worn and not languish in drawers, boxes and cupboards.

Along with regular reading, I watch a few programmes on Amazon Prime every day simply to change things around. Over the last few months, I have been binge watching Grey’s Anatomy. I wonder why I missed this when it was first aired in the UK? I have now reached season 15 and have really enjoyed the journey. It has been interesting to see how the actors who have stayed with the whole series from the beginning have aged. I am not sure what to select next when I get to the end!

Right, I had better get on with some other tasks. Elder Son has asked me to hand sew some items for him. This will be quite interesting to do with my, er, eyesight “challenges”!

Love and best wishes,



PS. A kind follower of the blog posted a link to this lovely video, which I have linked below, in case you didn’t see her comment:

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