Update 11/01/21 with a lovely reveal!

Oh, I am soooooo bad and greedy! Naughty me just couldn’t resist the new season from Hermès after all!

Can you remember  I said, only a few days ago, that I didn’t like any of the new scarves for the Spring/Summer 2021 season? Well, scratch that! I really surprised myself with this choice and here is the reveal…

First, the neat packaging…

Next, the smaller than usual iconic orange box with its Bolduc ribbon tie…

A close-up of the ribbon for this year…

The open box with a hint of the contents. Those are nice colours!

The whole scarf. Now, this is very different from my usual Hermès 90cm silk twill scarves!

This is a close-up photo of the centre of the scarf…

So, what is it? The scarf is a 70cm bandana called Grand Manège Love by Henri d’Origny. The colours are: Bleu Jean, Rose Pâle, Bordeaux. The order number is: H183447S 08.

Basically, over the last few years Hermès have taken some well-loved old favourite designs and re-imaged them in bandana style, in a range of sizes. This has also meant limiting the colour palette, probably to save money, and simplifying the original drawing. In the case of Grand Manège Love Bandana in this colourway, we have a blue/grey shade which is closer to what we in the UK call “Airforce Blue”, a pale pink, a lovely rich and deep red, plus white. I intend to research this more thoroughly before I attempt to write one of my Scarf of the Moment posts as there are multiple versions of the original Grand Manège design in an array of complex colourways. Another comment that I will make about the design now is that this version of the bandana style has replaced dots and circles with hearts, hence the “Love” in the title!

I haven’t worn the scarf yet, so I can’t take any modelling photos. I suppose I could leave it until Valentine’s Day! Anyway, here are the images from the official website…

Grand Manège Love Bandana – H183447S 08

That’s all for now!

Love and best wishes,



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