Outfits of the week 05/02/21

I had hoped to be able to show you three different outfits this week, but I am feeling very poorly today and have stayed in bed. That means that I am still in pyjamas and the scarf I had planned to wear (Tyger, Tyger) is hanging on my mirror as I write. Perhaps I will feel better tomorrow and then I can wear the outfit that I had planned.

Also, I will have to shorten this post and just write the basics, instead of listing all of the details of each outfit. Mind you, regulars to this blog will have seen all of the elements before, I suppose. Anyway, here they are. The first is with Hermès’ men’s scarf, Sweet Dreams, and the second with the sought-after, La Femme aux Semelles de Vent.

Outfit of the day 02/02/21 with Hermès’ Sweet Dreams

Outfit of the day 03/02/21 with Hermès’ La Femme aux Semelles de Vent

Did you notice that I tied both into a cowboy knot, one with and the other without a scarf ring?

I have been trying to improve my “life organisation” recently, because of my memory issues. On this iPad, I have been listing tasks in two files – one for the whole household, and another for my own private purposes. One huge task was to go through all of my photos and put the ones for each Hermès scarf into a separate folder. It took me over a week, but I finished yesterday. Next, I will look at each scarf folder and remove any poor photos, will which probably be quite a lot! I intend to organise a kind of evidence folder with printed sheets (including photos, receipts etc.) to use in case of an insurance claim or my death!

Right, on that note, let’s move on! I also want to print clear labels for each scarf box, so that it becomes easier to find the one I want to wear that day. Although I definitely don’t have any valuable jewellery, I will probably take similar actions for this too. Perhaps the Librarian in me is breaking out again with all of this organisation!

OK, I said this post would be short, but I have rambled on a bit more than I intended. I do hope that you all have a good weekend.

Love and best wishes,



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1 Response to Outfits of the week 05/02/21

  1. Catherine says:

    Love your outfits, but especially the sweet dreams scarf! Nice styling!
    Good luck with your sorting projects. I get so distracted when I go through old photos, hard to stay focused on the task.

    Liked by 1 person

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