Update 08/02/21 with a gorgeous Liberty scarf!

Well, I have been stalking this one for quite a while and, OK, maybe this scarf addiction is getting a bit out of hand!

But, I don’t really care about that – 😄😄😄.

I have been admiring the Hermès mousseline scarves for years and I am aware that they are far beyond my reach. So, when I saw this Liberty of London beauty in chiffon, I decided that this would be a great alternative for me. I was so pleased to get it and was even happier when I opened the box the other day.

Here is the sequence… first we have the Liberty of London bag:

Then the purple box (as this was an eBay purchase, the ribbon had already been untied):

Let’s have a quick peep:

Here is the lovely scarf, Liberty of London’s William Morris chiffon scarf in navy, bright blue and white, 70×180 cms:

Now we have some of the eBay and Liberty original photos in a slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I haven’t been able to try the scarf on yet, but I will attempt to do so this week and then show you the results on Friday. Oh, and I don’t think I have modelled the Hermès bandana   yet either! So, I will add those photos to the post also.

Love and best wishes,



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