Update 03/05/21

Today’s post is short because I am struggling with my health, both physical and mental. Apologies!

I occasionally wander onto Twitter but hardly ever post these days. Sometimes I come across something that catches my attention most unexpectedly. This time, it was a photo of a doorway.

Here it is…

I am ashamed to admit (as a former librarian) that I can’t caption the image properly as I forgot to write down the source. I think that the doorway belongs to a house in Brussels.

Isn’t it lovely and wouldn’t it be nice to see the whole frontage of the building? Well, luckily, further down the Twitter thread, someone had kindly posted a picture. This one…

These may be photos of the same house at different times, or of two houses. Anyway, how gorgeous is the stained glass? I would really love to see the interior!

I have always adored the wonderful shapes and patterns of Art Nouveau.

See you on Wednesday for this week’s Reading Roundup!

Love and best wishes,



PS. Well, the librarian in me just reared her head and told me to do an image search on Google for “art nouveau house Brussels”. It turns out that Brussels is known for its Art Nouveau architecture and there are hundreds of amazing images to be found online. Some of them are quite stunning! I would love to be able to see them in real life.

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