Update 07/06/21: hunting for pretty nightwear

I now spend so much time in pyjamas. Most of my day involves sitting up in bed and even when I do feel well enough to go downstairs for a few hours, I am often too weak to get dressed properly. Over the colder months, I spent some money upgrading my pyjamas and then disposed of several badly worn and, to be honest, extremely frumpy tops and bottoms. Even though we have been married for over thirty years, I do think Lovely Husband deserves to see his wife looking a little nicer!

During warmer weather I usually wear old t-shirts and rather tatty underwear in bed. I had a little chat about this with LH and he encouraged me to treat myself to some new nightwear. So, I decided to hunt for some cool, attractive, comfortable and pretty items. LH even said that I could spend quite a lot!

My first port-of-call was Cyberjammies. They have a lovely selection on their site and you can also find their items on the John Lewis website. I chose these items…

Cami and shorts sets by Cyberjammies

They were both so pretty and arrived in a lovely package. Unfortunately, even size 16 was too small for me and I realised that the non-stretchy fabric wouldn’t work for me in this style.

So they had to be returned ☹️☹️☹️.

Then, I had a look at a different site: Toast. I have never bought anything from there before and I really liked several items – but the prices! Well, LH told me to go ahead and I ordered two items. I will show you one of them now…

Marigold Block Print Cotton Nightie by Toast

Isn’t this lovely? The style is Marigold Block Print Cotton Nightie. The cobalt blue is gorgeous! Anyway, when I tried it on I quickly realised that, unlike my purchases above, this time the larger size was too big. So, I have sent it back for an exchange as I intend to wear this. In fact, as the material is quite thick, it is suitable to wear as a sun dress rather than in bed, so I think I will keep it for that!

I hope that the medium size arrives soon and that the other item I ordered does too.

After this, I still hadn’t managed to purchase anything to wear in bed, which was rather annoying. So I then had a look at the John Lewis offer. Phew, they had plenty of nightwear to look through and I found two items which actually fit me! Here they are…

Nightdresses by John Lewis

On the left we have the Wisteria Cotton Nightdress and on the right the Mia Palm Print Nightdress. The one on the right is a bit daring for me, but LH really likes it!!!

OK, that is enough for today. I may continue to look for more comfortable and pretty nightdresses and I will show them here if I find some more.

Love and best wishes,



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