Update 11/06/21: hunting for pretty nightwear… continued!

If you read Monday’s post, you will be aware that I am trying to find some Summer nightwear! I hadn’t had a great deal of luck, although I had managed to find two nightdresses from John Lewis, which are both lovely. In fact, I am wearing the one on the left in the image below as I write this post…

Nightdresses by John Lewis

I really love the chemise style (above, right) for this very hot weather (and so does Lovely Husband), so I looked on other sites for something similar. Eventually, I chose these two items from Marks and Spencer…

Nightdresses by Marks and Spencer

The parcel arrived this morning, so I tried both of them on and I am happy to keep them. I wore the navy nightdress on the left when I went downstairs for lunch and it was comfortable, cool and looks almost like a dress. It comes down to my ankles and skims over my rather unfortunate shape! I think LH will like the other one, although I wish it were available in more colours – something cheerful and bright for the Summer?

Anyway, I am now only waiting for the two items from Toast and then I will have finished restocking my nightwear for the time being.

I do hope that you have a great weekend!

Love and best wishes,



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