Update 21/06/21: family, fretting and frivolous frolics!

I do hope that you all had a great weekend. My Lovely Husband had a nice Father’s Day with presents and a lovely chat with Younger Son on the phone. He usually has his “Music Evening” on a Sunday, when he plays his favourite music for a couple of hours. Last night the neighbours has gone out so he was able to turn the volume up! As he was watching a DVD of a fabulous concert by The Who, I went downstairs to join him for a while and we had a companiable time together.

Today, unfortunately, Elder Son woke up in a really awful mood and, in a rage, managed to break the dishwasher. Sadly, our house has lots of damaged and broken things from his Autistic meltdowns. Anyway, once things were relatively calm, I was able to look inside the dishwasher and discovered that only a tiny part was actually broken. I was able to source the part pretty quickly (it is on its way) and also a man who can fit it. In the meantime, ES can roll up his sleeves and wash the pots in the old fashioned way – ha!

We have also been having issues with two of our mobile phones. I won’t go into the details because it drove me crazy trying to sort this out and it took two days before an agreed solution was reached. But, I think (hope) that this problem is also on the way to being fixed!

You may remember that I am suffering from memory issues from my stroke in September 2019.

I really don’t need complicated problems to sort out.


So, to cheer myself up, I am looking at the new season’s colourways for this Hermès shawl – La Danse des Amazones by Edouard Baribeaud, 140cm cashmere/silk (REF: H243593S)…

Here are the shawls again with their Hermès reference numbers for those of you who need them:

And, as a tea addict, this is rather cute: Hermès Tea Time by Jonathan Burton, 70cm silk scarf (REF: H983782S). Please let me know if you need the full reference numbers.

I am planning to purchase a shawl for this Autumn/Winter and I really like the pattern of La Danse des Amazones, but I am struggling to work out which colourway. I have two shawls already, the Liberty Hera in blues and purples and the Hermès Plumes en Fête in grey, mauve and pink. So which shall I choose? 

But then there is also this…

Les 12 Leopards by Jin Kwon
REF: H243762S 07

Choices, choices!

So, which would you choose?

Love and best wishes,



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2 Responses to Update 21/06/21: family, fretting and frivolous frolics!

  1. jj johnson says:

    ooh — choose the leopards in the library and hang it on your wall! then, decide on something else for wearing.

    Liked by 1 person

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