Update 25/06/21

I had a post planned for today. Yesterday, I had an appointment for a haircut and so I was going to take photos and show you the look, together with my nicely organised outfit, based around my pretty kimono jacket from One Hundred Stars.

Sadly, it all went wrong. I felt far too ill to go out, so had to cancel the appointment. Instead, I spent the day in bed feeling really under the weather and very sorry for myself!

So, the outfit will have to wait until I feel a bit stronger. At least the two issues that I wrote about on Monday – the broken dishwasher and the mobile phone muddle – seem to be finally sorted.

This is the kimono jacket, by the way:

Outfit of the day with One Hundred Stars’ China Tree kimono jacket

Looking at that image, my planned outfit was going to be very similar! Funny, really 😂🤣😂.

Anyway, I really am hoping that my health will soon improve enough for me to get out of bed for longer than a few minutes. I need to try to do some very short walks, for a start, as I am becoming very frightened about my future – I am so weak now and dependent on my “chaps”.

OK, I think I had better sign off now and pick up my latest book so that I don’t become even more gloomy! I will try to improve my mood over the weekend and will write more positively on Monday.

Happy Weekend to you all!

Love and best wishes,



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