Outfits of the week 17/09/21

Well, again it is only one outfit, but I actually managed to get dressed in something nice and go out of the house (which I haven’t done for a long time!). Wednesday was Lovely Husband’s birthday and we had some chores to do, which needed both of us. In addition, I wanted to have a ride out in the new car for the first time. So, we completed the chores and then I suggested that we could drive over to one of the garden centres, have a walk, and then sit down for a drink.

And we managed to do just that. At least we tried a kind of birthday celebration 🎉!

This is the outfit that I assembled…

Outfit of the day 15/09/21 with Hermès’ Tea Time

Here is the full list:

  • Grey short sleeved cotton top – Lands’ End.
  • Navy jeans – Klass.
  • Orange enamel flower earrings – old, not shown.
  • Cream and gold enamel bangle – Halcyon Days.
  • Silk scarf, 70cm, in orange, white and grey – Tea Time by Hermès. Tied in a simple triangular knot. As this was the first time of wearing, I need to practise a bit more so that more of the design is shown and also try to get the hearts the right way up!

With this outfit I carried my navy Massaccesi handbag and wore navy shoes. If I had had more energy, I would have dug out my gorgeous silver and grey Massaccesi bag and my grey jeans. I definitely need some grey or silver footwear to match!

OK, I know I need a haircut! I haven’t had it done since May!

Our week of peace and quiet will end this evening when Elder Son arrives home from his holiday. I have really missed him and it will be nice to hear all about his adventures.

Happy Weekend to you all.

Love and best wishes,



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2 Responses to Outfits of the week 17/09/21

  1. joyce johnson says:

    Good to hear you’re doing so well! Great fun



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