Wardrobe Planning #31: Wardrobe colour wheel update #03

It is such a long time since I last looked at the colour wheels I created to help me organise my wardrobe! Back in 2018, I thought I had reached a final version but I should have known better. Nothing stays the same and, as my hair is now grey, I have included more grey items into my wardrobe.

Here are the older colour wheels to show how they have developed since I started this blog:

You can see I was using Excel and PowerPoint to create these charts! The new one is not quite as “pretty” as I used the “Numbers” app on this iPad and I am still learning how it works.

Today’s Wardrobe Colour wheel:

Wardrobe Colours Chart version #05

Anyway, this is what I am aiming for with my colour choices for my clothing. I sometimes branch out a bit with accessories, but a plan like this helps to avoid the scattergun approach.  With that, you often find that nothing in your wardrobe works with anything else!

The navy and grey are “base” colours, often called “neutrals”. These are the basic items that hold a wardrobe together and I have these colours in a range of clothing (tops and bottoms) and accessories such as boots, shoes and handbags. At the moment, I have a lot more navy items than grey. The other colours are “accents” which bring life to a wardrobe. Mine change slightly according to the season, like this:

  • Purple: Spring/Summer – lilac, lavender, bright and mid-purple. Autumn/Winter – deep, rich purple and mauve.
  • Turquoise: Spring/Summer – aqua, bright turquoise. Autumn/Winter – teal.
  • Cobalt and bright blue are year round colours for me.
  • Both pink and white/cream tend to be for warmer Spring/Summer days.

Jewellery and scarves can be in all shades of both my accent and neutral colours. In addition, I also have some in colours that are outside this plan, such as orange, red or amber. These are either old items, or gifts or simply bought on a whim!

Some purists also say that you should limit your jewellery and metallics to yellow or rose gold, or silver. I don’t go that far!

Phew! I think that is enough for today.

Love and best wishes,



P.S. If you are interested in how I have developed my colour wheels over the years, please click on the Wardrobe Planning tab at the top of the blog and you will see the posts in the list. Oh, and I must say that I saw the original idea on The Vivienne Files blog!

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