Update 24/09/21 with a cute purchase

I intended to write an Outfit post today. It was all planned. A nice top, jeans, my new scarf and a new item. But it was not to be. It seems to be all too frequent these days, feeling very weak and ill. Not strong enough to get dressed properly. Although, I did manage to put some jewellery on with my nightdress and slippers!

Here is the quick photo…

Outfit of the day 24/09/21

The jewellery above was a present from Elder Son and is by Sainsburys’: silver butterfly earrings and a blue crystal pendant.

I wandered around on eBay this week and was lucky enough to find a Halcyon Days enamel bangle in just the right shade of orange to go with my new Hermès scarf: Tea Time. I don’t intend to branch out further into orange clothing or accessories (I already have a necklace and earrings in amber which might work with this scarf), but I thought that this little friendship bracelet, especially as it is decorated with gold hearts, would look great with it.

Here is the scarf, as a reminder, with the bangle below:

OK, I think that is enough for today!

Happy Weekend to you all.

Love and best wishes,



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