Update 27/09/21 with some forward planning!

“Oh, there she goes again!” “Spending money!” Some of you may say. OK, I know I must seem to be a spendaholic these days. But, this time I am planning ahead.

Lovely Husband never knows what to buy me when it comes to birthdays and Christmas. So I usually start to plan a few months before and get something suitable myself. My birthday is in November and I have already purchased that gorgeous cashmere stole from Johnstons of Elgin, that I showed you all a while ago. It has gone into storage and won’t be used until my birthday comes around, although it is hard to resist the temptation to get it out and stroke it!

When it come to Christmas presents, I sometimes spot something really early as has happened this time. As Autumn approaches, I begin to think about gaps in my wardrobe for the colder months. I had a look through my jumpers and saw that some of them either no longer fit, because of my weight gain, or were wearing out. My old John Lewis navy cashmere v-neck is now far too small and needs replacing and I also decided that something in a very dark grey would fill a gap. For cashmere, I usually go to Pure Collection, John Lewis or Marks and Spencer which seem to work well for me. This time, however, I was browsing the WoolOvers site (I have bought from them before) and looked at their cashmere/merino v-necks. As these are considerably cheaper than pure cashmere, and they were doing an offer, I decided to buy navy and dark grey v-neck jumpers.

They arrived this morning and look fine. I like the looser fit that a larger size gives me. They are good colours and quite soft, although, obviously, not as soft and cuddly as pure cashmere. I would post a nice photo of each, but they only have modelling pictures on their site! Instead, here are photos of them hanging on my wardrobe door…

I wonder if I can wait until Christmas to wear them! I may try to take some modelling photos with some of my scarves, if I have enough energy later in the week. I have lots of scarves and shawls that would look great with them as these are the base colours of my wardrobe, as outlined in last Monday’s post!

Love and best wishes,



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