Update 01/11/21 – COVID-19 booster

Well, here’s to another month! I’m finding it hard to take in that we have arrived in November already. And it’s only a week until my birthday!

Yet again, I am feeling pretty poorly today. I am, however, relieved that Lovely Husband and I were able to have our booster jabs on Friday. Instead of having to travel to a large city, this time we managed to get it all done at our GP’s surgery. Unfortunately, I had a bit of an “episode” whilst we were there.

On arrival at the building, we checked in and were then told to sit in a waiting area. The assistants gathered a group of us together before sending us in to another room for the vaccinations. As we sat waiting to be sent through, the area began to get quite crowded and people started to ignore the signs on alternate seats warning people to avoid sitting too close together. After trying to explain distancing for the second time, I am afraid that I flipped and ran out of the surgery. I think this was probably a mixture of fear of contagion plus some sort of phobia. After being mainly shut in my bedroom for months, I suppose this isn’t very surprising.

LH came after me, managed to calm me down and, in the end, the actual vaccination procedure went OK. After sitting for a few minutes, we were then allowed to leave and we returned home. I have had a stiff arm for a few days and have also felt very tired (but then I do anyway), but everything seems to be alright.

I wonder if we will all have to have a booster every year from now on?

Anyway, that’s all for now. I will return to my book, which I will write about in Wednesday’s post, if I finish it in time…

…oh, I was interrupted just then by a noise at the window. It was a large magpie on the window ledge! It’s now flown away.

Love and best wishes,



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1 Response to Update 01/11/21 – COVID-19 booster

  1. Anna Robertson says:

    Congratulations, yes its good to finally get jab , had mine July in Australia.
    A booster is needed seems after 6 months.
    I see you have a birthday in a week, me too on 7th😊


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