Update 15/11/21 with birthday gifts

First of all, my apologies for such a short post on Friday. So, today’s is the content I would have written on Friday, if I had been well enough. I hope that is not too confusing!

Anyway, here are the lovely presents that I received for my birthday. First the gorgeous cashmere shawl from Johnstons of Elgin that I wrote about back in August . This was a gift from Lovely Husband and I have been snuggling in it all week!

And here are other gifts that I was so thankful to receive…

The cute heart-shaped earrings (Etsy) were from Younger Son and will look great with my Hermès Tea Time 70cm scarf. My sister bought me the lovely gold tone necklace from Mint Velvet and Elder Son gave me a wonderful box filled with scrumptious Whittard teas. What a nice selection of birthday gifts!

I will try to take some modelling shots with the scarf and jewellery (not all in the same outfit!) for Friday’s post.

Love and best wishes,



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