Update 06/12/21

Well, I’m back! It has been an “interesting” time since I last posted: some lovely days, some awful days and some in the middle.

There were definitely some lovely days with Younger Son visiting. He brings lightness, hugs, happiness and a quirky sense of humour which really help to put smiles on all of our faces. Several useful things were done, with his help, including putting up the Christmas Tree. He also went out with Elder Son for a meal, which was so nice.

Unfortunately, I had a few really difficult days. As it turns out, a medicine mix up meant that I was actually taking a double dose of one tablet and a zero dose of another. This caused me horrible mental issues on several afternoons. In fact, because these nasty symptoms hit me at the same time on each day, I eventually worked out what was happening. After taking the correct meds for a few days, I began to feel like my usual self and was able to really enjoy the rest of YS’s time with us. With any luck, we will see him again soon for his Christmas visit.

For now, I will leave you with this gorgeous image…

Leap by Victo Ngai

Now I will return to my book so that I have something to write about for Wednesday’s Reading Roundup post!

Love and best wishes,



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