Outfits of the week 10/06/22

This week’s post is going to show you more of the two dresses from Marks and Spencer that I wrote about on Monday. If you remember, I am trying to find Summer dresses that will be comfortable and also skim over my lumps and bumps (weight gain due to some of my meds plus lack of physical activity). I also hoped to get something reasonably attractive to cheer myself up!

Here are the two dresses again…

Taking the pink one first. It is such a bright and cheerful colour! The fabric is quite a substantial cotton jersey and the length is to mid-calf on me. Perhaps I could have chosen the shorter length as I am only 5ft 4in. Anyway, I decided to try it with an Hermès scarf (Cosmographia Universalis), which has a lovely range of blues and a gorgeous bright pink.

Here it is…

H003365S 05

I thought that the dress would bring out the touches of pink in the scarf. In addition, I wore some lapis lazuli earrings by Bill Skinner Studio (link in the sidebar).

This is the outfit…

Outfit of the day 10/06/22 with Marks and Spencer pink dress

I think that this works quite well?

The second dress is a simple animal print midi dress with a v-neck in blue and white. This time, I decided to wear a necklace (a birthday present from my sister) and crystal earrings (a present from Elder Son). Marks and Spencer call this a “beach dress”, but I am happy to wear it just about anywhere!

Outfit of the day 10/06/22 with Marks and Spencer blue and white dress

I am really happy with this dress too! OK, I am not going to show you full length photos because I am so unhappy about my shape, so I will just say that these outfits make me feel reasonably positive about myself.

In addition, I have other nice necklaces that I could wear with either dress. The first picture is of both dresses with the scarf and the second shows some of my necklaces…

Well, I think that is all for now and I hope that you all have a great weekend.

Love and best wishes,



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3 Responses to Outfits of the week 10/06/22

  1. Aneta says:

    You look lovely, dear Anne! Great purchases, and you can mix and match your beautiful scarves and jewellery with these dresses. Have a great week ahead! kind regards, Aneta


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