Update 13/06/22

Hello and welcome to a new week on this blog. If you haven’t visited before, I try to post three times each week:

  • Monday is for Updates: random musings, bits of news, shopping and anything that catches my eye.
  • Wednesday is for Reading Roundups: my weekly post about the books I have read with links to my Goodreads activity.
  • Friday is for Outfits of the Week: showing any outfits I have worn, with an emphasis on scarves.

There are quite a lot of other areas of the blog, particularly my “Scarf of the Moment” scarf profile posts. These are usually about my growing Hermès scarf collection, plus a few from Liberty of London. You will find a list of these posts in the right-hand sidebar. At the top of the blog, as well as the sidebar, you can also see links to other parts of the blog.

Please let me know if you ever find broken links or any other issues with the blog. I also really love and appreciate feedback, but please be aware that it might take me a while to answer. My poor health means that I cannot always stay on top of things!

I have had quite a nasty coughing fit already today, so will leave you with this lovely quote from Carl Sagan, illustrated by Chris Riddell:

By Carl Sagan, illustrated by Chris Riddell

Isn’t that wonderful?

Back on Wednesday!

Love and best wishes,



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Retired School Librarian
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