Outfits of the week 23/09/22 with a birthday and a funeral

Hello and welcome to Friday’s post. Well, a lot happened while I had a break from the blog, didn’t it? To begin with, Younger Son visited, Lovely Husband had his 70th birthday and then we had all of the sadness, upset, pomp and circumstance of Queen Elizabeth ll’s passing and funeral. More about the latter later on.

It was so lovely to see YS for a few days. He really helped to give his Dad a great birthday and also supported my efforts to sort out a few issues with the house (the curtain rail in our bedroom came down the other week and I was unable to screw it back on the wall by myself). YS cooked a fabulous celebration dinner for the four of us which was great for his dad as he (LH) usually does all of the food purchasing, preparation and cooking.

We all gave LH some great presents for his birthday: the lovely crystal glasses that I showed you on here back in August and some framed cricket memorabilia. LH was really thrilled, which was so lovely to see.

These were his gifts: two wine glasses from Royal Scot Crystal, then two cricket items bought on eBay. The top one is a print of Scarborough Cricket Ground and at the bottom is a signature and photo of LH’s hero: Dickie Bird. The framing was done locally.

Westminster large wine glass – Royal Scot Crystal
Cricket memorabilia

Now for something more sombre…

Queen Elizabeth II, photograph by Ranald Mackechnie

I am not going to write much about the extraordinary events of the past few days. To be quite honest, I am not a monarchist at all, but somehow I felt caught up in these historic times. As I was born in the 1950s, Queen Elizabeth was on the throne for my whole life and it felt as if she would be there forever! She outlived my own parents, who were a little younger than her and it seems so unsettling now that she has gone.

I really surprised and shocked my family by dressing up in my pearl earrings and necklace and wearing my Hermès Regina scarf, which dates back to the Silver Jubilee in 1977. Here is a quick photo:

Outfit of the day 19/09/22 with Hermès Regina scarf

I wore the scarf with a deep purple twin set and navy trousers from Lands’ End. My pearl earrings and necklace were from John Lewis and the gold tone scarf ring from MaiTai. Here is a larger image of the scarf:

Regina by Hermès

I must admit that I have found the last week or so really exhausting and today I have been climbing the ladder to fit the new bedroom curtains! Perhaps a good rest is now in order!

Hoping for a calm and peaceful weekend.

Love and best wishes,



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