Monday post 17/10/22: with some ancient art

Hello all and welcome to a new week on my blog! Today, I have some random thoughts about some of my favourite things. I have written about my love of Ancient Greek and Roman art and architecture many times before on here. Some of you may also remember that I have managed to collect some of the Hermès and Fetolia scarves inspired by the same. Here they are:

Oops, a random Ancient Cretan inspired scarf slipped in there, but you get the general idea! And we should not forget my most recent purchase: Sous Le Charme d’Orphée by Hermès…

Sous le Charme d’Orphée by Hermès

My first Master’s degree involved the study of Ancient Greek vase painting and I still love the wonderful images created, such as these:

Ancient Greek black and red figure vases (not all in the British Museum)
Ancient Greek black and red figure vases (not all in the British Museum)

Anyway, as I was wandering around the web, as you do, I came across these items that made me smile. I don’t suppose that I will purchase any of them – after all, they don’t fit into the colour scheme for my wardrobe – but I found them interesting. Apologies for the lack of links. I found them on eBay and, probably, Etsy or Not On The High St. I can’t remember which.

Here is a Twitter post about the t-shirt image:

Screenshot from Archaeology & Art on Twitter

I think I will dream about beautiful blue Greek skies above the glittering sea tonight!

Love and best wishes,



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