Monday post 24/10/22

Welcome to a new week on my blog 😊.

Well, that was an unpleasant weekend! On Saturday, Lovely Husband, Elder Son and I all went to have our flu and COVID jabs done at our local surgery. For some reason I felt nervous, although I am not worried about injections at all. Anyway, we arrived OK but on entering the building I began to feel dizzy. This was my usual low blood pressure issue. ES quickly sat me down and the staff were very kind. A nurse was called to do the inoculations in situ for both me and ES, whilst LH joined the queue. Everything went well and then we drove back home.

Then I had a bad reaction. I expected that I would have the usual stiff arms, but, on Sunday I had awful nausea and really painful arms all day. I couldn’t do very much or eat as I felt dreadful. Both LH and ES were OK.

I think I have had some improvement today and hope it continues! Of course, I am so thankful that I live in a country where we get healthcare free at the point of need. The NHS is a wonderful institution!

Now, I will cheer myself up with a lovely image:

Springtime in Eskdale by James McIntosh Patrick – screenshot from Henry Rothwell on Twitter

I love the brilliant painting of sunshine on this painting! So cheerful!

Love and best wishes,



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