Monday post 07/11/22 with darkness and light

Hello kind visitors: I’m back again! Welcome to a new week on my blog…

Well, last week was very strange. On Tuesday, I started to feel very ill in the evening with horrible D&V. This lasted until I, eventually, fell asleep and then it all recommenced in the early morning of Wednesday. In addition, a horrible black mood came over me and lasted most of the day and into Thursday. To be quite honest, I felt so utterly miserable that I could only think the worst kind of thoughts. Life felt dark and bleak with a terrible and frightening future ahead of me.

I couldn’t stop crying and both Lovely Husband and Elder Son were incredibly worried, wondering if they should call for medical help. They laid on the bed, trying to comfort me. Also, I posted on Facebook asking for support and so many friends helped. Heartfelt thanks to those lovely, kind people ❤️.

Then, suddenly, an idea struck me through the gloom. I forced myself out of bed and looked through my box of medications on the dressing table. Sure enough, I found what I was looking for: one of the packets had a strip of the wrong dose of the medication inside and I had been taking it for six days! Basically, I had been taking half of the correct dose.

It took another day for things to settle back to normal, but I now feel much better. Phew! We have no idea how the mistake happened. At least I found the answer and now all is OK again.

Now for a nice picture to round off this post…

Screenshot from @womensart1 on Twitter

I should have some nice things to show you on Friday because it’s my birthday tomorrow! Wednesday’s post will be the usual Reading Roundup.

Love and best wishes,



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2 Responses to Monday post 07/11/22 with darkness and light

  1. AKG says:

    So happy you are feeling better! Wishing you a wonderful birthday tomorrow!


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