Friday post 25/11/22 with a spectrum of scarves

Welcome to Friday’s post! I do hope you enjoy reading this and feasting your eyes on such a lovely array of scarves.

I made a real effort to wear a range of scarves this week, choosing from the inexpensive to the luxurious; from the small and cheeky to the large and enveloping. Such fun to choose from my collection!

As a kind of background to the scarves, I decided to move on from my navy base colours and, instead, wore a WoolOvers dark grey v-neck jumper in a merino/cashmere mix and Lands’ End mid grey cord trousers.

The first scarf was given to me as a present. It is a pale blue with glittery threads running through the weave – very pretty. I wore it with heart shaped earrings in a toning shade. The image here isn’t quite true with the colour.

Outfit of the day 21/11/22 with blue glittery scarf

My second outfit of the week used my stunning cashmere stole by Johnstons of Elgin. The colours are navy, grey, green, turquoise and white. This time, I will show you a larger image of the scarf as well as the usual collage:

The earrings are by Chalk Jewellery and I love them! I keep stalking their website and I am soooo tempted…

The third outfit took me back to my Hermès collection, but instead of wearing a full size 90cm scarf, I chose the 45cm gavroche, The Savana Dance:

For my next and final scarf I chose my most recent purchase: Sous Le Charme d’Orphée by Hermès. As this is double sided, I tried to tie the scarf to show both sides: the beautiful autumnal shades on the front and the greys on the back.

I wore the pretty Swarovski grey crystal and gold earrings again, but removed the dangles and used the stud parts. The scarf ring is mother-of-pearl, by MaiTai.

Oh, and if I had been able to go out this week I would have carried this lovely grey and silver handbag by Massaccesi and worn these cute pewter shoes by Hotter!

Feeling very pleased with this week’s outfits! What do you think?

Happy Weekend to you all.

Love and best wishes,



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2 Responses to Friday post 25/11/22 with a spectrum of scarves

  1. Gwen Minor says:

    Looking beautiful, Anne! I am still waiting for the Sous Le Charme d’Orphée to show up at my Hermes shop. I first saw it on your blog and fell in love! Have a lovely weekend! Gwen


    • The Librain says:

      Dear Gwen, thank you for your lovely comment! I do hope you are able to find the scarf very soon. Is it available on Hermè for you? I cannot buy from the boutiques and always get my scarves online.
      Best wishes, Anne x


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