Monday post 24/04/23: with Hermès scarf news!

Welcome to my blog! I do hope that you all had a good weekend, better than ours at the very least. Lovely Husband and I are still stuck in bed. OK, that sounds quite amusing if you don’t know the background. The “story” is that, for many years, I have been almost permanently bedridden, due to multiple health issues. I can venture downstairs a couple of times each day, but even that is very difficult and exhausting for me. LH has had to join me due to a fall and severe sciatica. We have been trying for days to get a doctor’s appointment, but, with the NHS in crisis, we simply cannot reach the end of the telephone queue and get any response. I am really worried about how we will manage!

Anyway, on a more cheerful note, the good news is that posters on The Purse Forum have initiated a new thread for the Hermès Autumn/Winter 2023 scarf season. I do love to see all of the early images and hints about the new scarves…

…even though I am, of course, NOT going to purchase any!

Definitely not…

Finally, here is an image I am using to cheer myself up…

Once again, apologies for not referencing the image. I have totally forgotten where I found it and am too muddled today to go searching for the source.

Love and best wishes,



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