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Update 13/06/19

I cannot write much today – severe health issues again – but I have uploaded this amazing video. A friend posted it on Facebook last night and I watched it this morning. When I was a child I learned to … Continue reading

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Update 01/10/18

Well, that was a tough weekend! I was very ill indeed on Saturday, both physically and mentally, ending up with horrible panic and anxiety attacks as well as a huge coughing bout. I found myself crying hysterically all over my … Continue reading

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Update 04/09/18 with humour

A friend shared this video on Facebook and I really loved it. You need to watch right up to the end… Shame that the title and the image give away some of the fun! Best wishes, 😂🤣😅🤣😂

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Update 09/08/18 and some much needed humour

Living with a family member who has massive ASD meltdowns is very hard and I often post on here, and on Facebook, when I am struggling with this. My son is also very sweet and kind, looks after me so … Continue reading

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Update 13/11/17

I will leave you with this amazing video which popped up on my Facebook memories today: I hope to resume normal posting tomorrow. Best wishes, 💚❤️💛💜💙

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Update 23/06/17: For “Older Ladies”!

As I have spent most of the day reading in my pyjamas, I thought that I would simply post this great video for your amusement. As an “older lady” myself, I love both the song and the video! I hope … Continue reading

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Outfit of the day 16/05/17

The weather has turned really gloomy and drizzly here in the Midlands. It is still quite warm, but a bit grim. When we drove out today, I was cheered up by the lush foliage on the trees and bushes, the … Continue reading

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