Outfit of the day 15/02/17

Brr! It is still so cold and wet, so I wrapped myself up warmly today in this thick navy wool jumper and a really old, over 30 years, but well-loved silk scarf. This outfit breaks all of my colour rules because it includes red. I used to wear red a lot when I was younger and, generally, it doesn’t really suit me now. But I still have some accessories from years ago and I am not going to throw them away just to fit into colour rules. So, this is my outfit today:

  • Navy cotton roll neck – Isle.  I wear this under the jumper because it keeps my neck extra warm and also because the wool is a bit scratchy.
  • Navy wool jumper – WoolOvers.
  • Navy cotton joggers – Cotton Traders.
  • Gold earrings.
  • Red enamel and gold large size bangle – Halcyon Days.
  • Cobalt blue and gold slim size bangle – Halcyon Days.
  • Silk scarf in red, gold, blue, turquoise and lilac in a loose tie – Accessorize from the early 1980s.
Outfit of the day 15/02/17 with Accessorize scarf

Outfit of the day 15/02/17 with Accessorize scarf

This is an alternative tie for this scarf. I used a bias fold (see MaiTai’s video from YouTube embedded below) and wrapped the folded scarf around my neck and tied it off. This would also look nice if I were to use a scarf ring. Yes, I don’t look too well in the photo. I took it this morning after a night of coughing – which is why we didn’t go out today.

Alternative tie with Accessorize scarf

Alternative tie with Accessorize scarf

Video by the wonderful MaiTai. The link to her site is in the sidebar.

Oh yes, I was going to give my verdict on my recent handbag purchase: the vintage cream ostrich leather Waldybag. I need to say something first about special leathers like ostrich. I have very strong feelings about wearing fur and carrying bags made from rare animal skin. So I will not buy anything new made from mink, crocodile or alligator skin, to name a few examples. However, I don’t feel quite the same about vintage items. This handbag, for example, is possibly even older than me, or at least it dates to the sixties. I can’t feel very guilty about owning something this old – it’s the same with my vintage lizard skin bag.

Vintage cream ostrich leather handbag - Waldybag (photos from eBay seller)

Vintage cream ostrich leather handbag – Waldybag (photos from eBay seller)

Right, now I have got that over with, the verdict. The images from eBay proved to be very accurate. The bag is in very good condition for its age, with only a few tiny scratches where the colour has worn off. The suede interior is almost immaculate and the little purse is quite clean on the outside, although marked by coins on the inside. The metal hardwear has only a few tarnished patches. The handles are pretty good too, although wrinkled in places. This may be a natural condition for ostrich leather. As I have never even seen it up close before, I have no idea about this.

All in all, it is a very nice handbag in a good size and I will use it in the spring and summer. Not bad for £30!

Another purchase arrived today. Those of you who know me well will be aware that Lovely Husband is cricket mad. When he was younger, he was a very keen and talented bowler and he still lives and breathes the game today. He has even managed to get me interested, which is an amazing miracle in itself!

The Laws of the Game of Cricket - Liberty of London

The Laws of the Game of Cricket – Liberty of London – images from eBay (will try to take better ones soon)

Anyway, I was browsing eBay, as you do, and I saw a Liberty of London vintage silk scarf up for auction. To cut the waffle, I won it for £16.00 including postage and it came this afternoon. It is ivory silk satin with a rolled hem and about 70x70cm. The image in grey blue is of an 18th century cricket match with the rules of the game written around the edges. In fact it is called “The Laws of the Game of Cricket” and appears to be based on an old etching. I found an image of something similar on the Lords website and you can see it below.


The scarf is very pale and fluid, with very few marks at all. It arrived in a very crumpled state, so I will wash and iron it carefully, paying close attention to the hems. I think it will look great with a mid blue t-shirt and my navy linen trousers in the summer. Maybe I will even get to wear it to a cricket match one day!

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